Alternative Models of Service Delivery

Local government is currently facing huge challenges with significant cuts in funding which are likely to continue for the foreseeable future together with increased demand for services as a result of demographic changes. These along with other government policy changes are leading to a fundamental change in the methods of commissioning and the delivery of local government services.

A range of alternative service delivery models now sit alongside the core approaches of efficiency, systems remodelling and changes to service delivery.

New ways of working

Identifying and delivering savings and avoiding cutting services tends to get the lion’s share of attention but the flip side of the sector’s response to government funding reductions and demand pressures on service provision is innovation.

The services range from the expected internal, back office and management support functions – such as IT, payroll and human resources – to more front line services, such as benefits administration, housing repairs and sports and leisure management.

The Task and Finish Group was established at the request of the then Minister of Local Government, Lesley Griffiths, to review and report on a new approach to achieving sustainable local services in Wales. This report sets out an approach to addressing the immense financial and service pressures facing the public sector in Wales (February 2015).

Model of delivery and Essential Characteristics