Behaviour Change techniques are often light-touch and cost-effective. This offers the potential of delivering improved public services when there are increasing demands placed upon them. The importance of using behavioural insights is reflected in legislation such as The Wellbeing of Future Generations Act and policy areas such as the Prudent Healthcare agenda.

The festival is a collaboration between the Wales Centre for Behaviour Change, Bangor University, The Wales Audit Office Good Practice Exchange, the Bevan Commission, Wales Council for Voluntary Action, Welsh Local Government Association, Welsh Government and 1000 Lives Improvement.


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Day 01 - Education and School Wide Positive Behaviour

Day 04 - The Wellbeing of Future Generations and Sustainability


Day 06 - Behaviour Change for Better Health and Wellbeing


Day 08 - Behaviour Change and the Future of Health Care

Day 09 - The use of technology in the pursuit of behaviour change


Day 10 - Behaviour Change at Community and Population Scale