Mutuals & Co-operatives

The service is provided by organisations that are owned and controlled by their members, who may be employees, organisations or consumers.


Useful Links

APSE – Proof of delivery: A review of the role of co-ops and mutuals in local public service provision

Centre for Public Scrutiny - Mutuals and Co-operatives

Cooperatives-wales  - Co-operatives and Mutuals Wales is the representative body (Regional Co‑operative Council) for the wider Co-operative movement in Wales, and the National/Regional arm of Co‑operatives.

Department for Business Innovation & Skills  -  A Guide to Mutual Ownership Models

Employee Ownership Association - (EOA) represents organisations which are employee owned or transitioning to employee ownership across the UK.

The eaga Trust - promotes employment, employee-ownership and engagement in the workplace.

LGA - Social enterprise, mutual, cooperative and collective ownership models. Practical Guide

House of Commons Communities and Local Government Committee Report - Mutual and Cooperative approaches to delivering local services

Mutuals Information Service – The Mutuals Information Service offers an initial advice and sign-posting service for aspiring mutual organisations seeking guidance on developing and launching a spin-out from the public sector.

Welsh Co-operative and Mutuals Commission - The Welsh Co-operative and Mutuals Commission was set up to make recommendations on creating jobs and wealth

Wales Co-operative Centre - The Wales Co-operative Centre helps co-operatives, social enterprises, community groups and voluntary organisations.