Social Enterprise

Businesses with social or environmental objectives develop the service, where any profits are usually reinvested in the service.



  • Coalfields Regeneration Trust Community Enterpise Network - The Network explores the wealth of under-used skills and talents in communities. The project also helps new social enterprise start-ups and link emerging and established social enterprises; as well as providing on-going access and referral to a wealth of resources, creating a sustainable enterprise culture and long term change.
  • Cynnal Cymru/ Sustain Wales - Cynnal Cymru - Sustain Wales is Wales' leading sustainable development and networking organisation
  • Santander Social Enterprise Development Awards The awards aim to support social enterprises and charities with trading activities looking to grow their business and improve their local community.
  • Social Enterprise UK - The UK body for social enterprise - business with a social or environmental mission. 
  • Setting up a Social Enterprise 
  • Social Enterprise Europe -  Aims to help create fair, equitable and sustainable societies in all countries, with a high quality of life for all citizens​.
  • Social Enterprise Scotland - Social Enterprise Scotland is The Voice of Social Enterprise - uniting social enterprises and their supporters into a strong campaigning force.
  • Social Enterprise and Housing - The hub provides a single point of access for housing organisations to find all sorts of information related to social enterprise. 
  • Social Eterprise Joural - The SEJ invite scholars and practitioners to present their theories and frameworks for understanding social enterprise, and invites research that examines a range of topics related to this developing sector of the social economy.
  • Social Firms Wales - Social Firms Wales is the National Support Agency for Social Firm Development. It is committed to the creation of employment opportunities for disadvantaged people through the development and support of Social Firms in Wales.
  • Ignite Social Enterprise - Ignite is the UK’s first impact investment fund with a focus on energy.​
  • A review of Welsh Assembly Government funded support social enterprise development - The review’s aim was to assess the suitability of the current core funding arrangements in supporting the growth and development of Social Enterprise.  The report also makes recommendations on future funding arrangements for supporting the development and growth of social enterprise.
  • The role of social enterprises in the welsh economy - National Assembly for Wales Enterprise and learning Committee Report 2010. 
  • Value for money reviews of 3 leading social enterprise organisations in Wales - CMI conducted a value for money review and strategic review of the activities of three social enterprise infrastructure organisations on behalf of the Welsh Government.
  • Wales Cooperative Centre - The Wales Co-operative Centre is a co-operative development agency working across Wales to promote social, financial and digital inclusion through a range of projects.
  • UnLtd is the leading provider of support to social entrepreneurs in the UK and offers the largest such network in the world. UnLtd resources hundreds of individuals each year through its core Awards programme. UnLtd operates a unique model by investing directly in individuals and offering a complete package of resources; from Awards of funding, to ongoing advice, networking and practical support. UnLtd supports individuals who have their ventures firmly rooted in delivering positive social change.

  • Social Business Wales - This site is suitable for those considering starting up or operating a social business. Social businesses include social enterprises, co-operatives, mutuals and employee owned businesses.